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Need ideas for Science Fair project related to math

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    Hi everyone:
    I 'd like to enter the New-York Intel ISEF fair with a project related to phyical science or math. I'm open to any ideas, but keep in mind

    -The project must be original research on a specific topic. :smile: It needs to be something thats new and follows the scientific method.

    It does not have to be readily applicable, in fact, most of top national winners had projects related to abstract mathematics.

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    I recommend looking into Number Theory. It's where all the new stuff's at.
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    Moser's Number theory book is free online at http://www.trillia.com/moser-number.html and has a big list of unsolved problems in Number Theory at the end. Guy's "Unsolved Problems in Number Theory" would be another good source for problems. These will obviously be extremely difficult to solve, but you can try to answer weaker versions.
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    a relatively new and fascinating field of mathematics is knot theory. i think something in that branch would lend itself nicely to a science fair project.
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