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Need imput on a theory

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    Basically i am an overclocker at heart. i love to see how far i can push a machine. so, while talking to my dad about a great cooling solution, he came up with this, and ill repeat it in my own words from my post on an overclockers forum, and i would like any imput from some ppl here on the theory. i know its a bit long but please bear with me.


    Overclocking's, as must must of you would say, biggest determining factor is heat. once heat is mostly ruled out (maybe with a mach II) then its just how far the actual hardware can physically go. but, has anyone every thought, on how to extend that hardware blockade? well first you must look at why parts generally go unstable. heat. but w8, i thought we already took heat out as a determining factor becus, well, we have this uber cooling system. sort of, but im talking about EVERYTHING. every single piece that any electricity flows through. what burns a cpu or even gpu or any part of a comp? heat. when more elctricity than rated at a higher temp (naturally: more elec more heat) goes through a wire not cool enough it melts. litterally. and most of the time u wont even know it becus theres no smoke and the wire is too small. so then after a discussion with my dad i got thinking. what if u took out the heat for the whole system (not cdrom/hdd just mainboard/ram/cpu/gpu) that would be whats called absolute 0 temperature, which is -463 fahrenheit. however, achieving absolute zero is impossible, but something (very expensive of course) like -462.999 fahrenheit is possible. and the difference between -463 and -462.999 fahrenheit is more than anyone can imagine as there is NO HEAT PERIOD. most of u are probably thinking wtf i dont care where is this going? well hold on and ull find out. u see, at absolute zero there is not heat, which means theoretically that if there is no heat and u had a computer in an absolute 0 enviroment then u could overclock a p4c or anything higher than what the next 2 generations of intel cpu's could reach WITH overclocking, and theoretically unlimited potential (althought this is a bit more drastic in theory). but as we said earlier we cannot do abosolute 0. however, we can get pretty darned close. so basically, in theory, if we took a whole cpu and put it in a chamber with say -460 F then we could overclock a p4c 3.0 to well over 5.0, and in theory overclock any peice of hardware beyond what any of u can dream as a goal. why? becus EVER SINGLE PIECE OF HARDWARE IS COOLED SO COLD THAT SO MUCH MORE POWER CAN GO THORUGH THE CIRCUITS THAN ANYTHING DOABLE TODAY. ANYTHING. just how theoretical is this? its already been done. no not with overclocking a computer, but the idea of it in other fields. so in essance take the same hardware as that top 3dmark 2k3 scoring guy (9700 something) and put the same equitment in a chamber or controlled enviroment and get -460 F and ull take his almighty 9700 and could potentially break 11000 no sweat if not a score that would that could match numerically a decent computers 3d mark 2K1 SCORE. pretty interesting idea, id say so myself.

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