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Need Info About Non-US Schools

  1. Nov 9, 2006 #1

    I have a good friend who is interested in studying physics. He lives here in the US. Unfortunatly he is an illegal immigrant from Ireland, and due to a recent ballot measure, he will now be forced to pay an 'out of state' tuition (basically a higher tuition). Double unfortunatly his parents wont pay (even though they brought him here illegally as a baby), and he cant get a job.

    He is under the impression that due to his Ireland citizenship he can go to a school somewhere in that area. Im wondering how much going to a school in England, or Ireland etc costs? He will complete his two year AA at a community college this semister. What is his outlook for going to school in Europe? (or maybe Canada?)

    Thx for any info!
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    Presuming you're talking undergraduate level...

    All EU students pay the same in the UK.

    At the moment, the fees are around 3000GBP - in a couple of years time, when the price cap is removed, the bigger universities may charge more.

    Your mate probably won't be able to use his US grades (eg. in CC) to jump a year - I had a friend who tried this, she ended up getting annoyed that she couldn't and went back to the US; the institution changing thing doesn't happen over here.
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    Yes he is still an undergrad, he has two years of general college.

    3000GBP twice a year? Do they have dorms where you live on campus there or do you buy/rent a place off of campus?

    So he would have to start at the begining of his undergraduate.. is that three or four years?

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    You'll have to check out individual prices for accommodation.

    And it depends on the uni - eg. for a campus you may stay in halls (dorms) for the entire 3-4 years. Whereas, for places like Bristol (in the city) you only stay in halls for the first year - then onto private.

    I think the 3k is for a year - 1k per term. It's not like the US and at the moment this fee is more token - it'll probably go up when they lift the cap in a couple of years time.

    Best advice for your mate is to look at the unis themselves - ie. on their websites.
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