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Need Inspiration!

  1. Oct 31, 2007 #1
    I'm trying to write my personal statement for Physics (applying to university for it).

    And, I'm on the part of, what does the FUTURE of Physics hold for me.
    And I'm at a loss.

    I talked about how Physics and Maths had inspired me at Primary School, Secondary School, and the present, College. But the future?
    I have no idea!
    All I know is, I love to understand how the world and universe works. The main parts of Physics that appeals the most, is the Mechanical Aspects.

    Can some people give me some sort of speech or something of the sort for a tad of inspiration?
    Such as, some advanced topics of Mechanics (University) I can read over and then talk about?

    Or perhaps a simplified explanation of Quantum Mechanics?

    Thanks a bunch.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Why do you want to go into physics instead of engineering?
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    Because Physics explores everything within the world, which is something I value a lot higher then just engineering.

    Also, Quantum Theories and Mechanics I find really interesting too. Even Radation and such I find interesting.

    And that question gave me the last paragraph fo the Statement, thanks aha.

    But still stuck on the Future.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    What problems in the world would you like to help solve? What would you consider to be the purpose of physics? And what would you like to accomplish with your life?
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    That was REALLY good. Have you helped people before with this?
    I now have 3 more things to write about.

    Anything else you can ask me to give me something to write about?

    The only thing is what I'd like to help solve in the world. Thats a difficult one, so much, in only one lifetime.
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    Look at the research pages of the guys at the uni you're applying for, read the abstracts of their papers, try to find out what they're working on, think of possible future implications their work might have. Perhaps their ground breaking methodologies might shed new light on some "holy grail" you'd like to uncover?
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    Do you love doing Physics type jobs and why- what drives you to love it? This may seem a bit remedial but "brainstorming" with the bubble and the lines help a bunch.
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