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Need Japanese Translation

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    Pretty please? I know there are people here that can read Japanese, I really would appreciate the help.


    Sorry it is rotated, I couldn't figure out how to get it changed.

    Thank you in advance!
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    I can have a friend of my who lives in Japan look at it. Stay tuned!
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    I can't read Japanese but I can read Chinese.
    From the common symbols it appears to be music for some fairy tale (literal translation) collection.
    The words in the bracket say "The night of the galactic railroad"
    Do note that this is what the symbols mean in Chinese, may have different meanings in Japanese. (Think German to English)
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    My friends says the underlined part is "Fantasy: Night of the Milky Way Railroad"
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    A quick google search makes me think it relates to the soundtrack of a book-based anime called 'Night on the Galactic Railroad'.

    Comparing the characters between the small corners*, that seems to be a reasonable assumption.

    * Here I mean the 6 characters after the horizontal line and the little 'corner'. I figured these corners were meant to signify quotation marks or something similar.
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    Thank you everyone! This is really fascinating.

    HomogenousCow, that is interesting that you were able to come up with the same thing as everyone below you. I had no idea that there were any similarities between Japanese and Chinese.

    Joris, thank you for the wiki link. This music was actually written about 40 years ago by a Japanese exchange student that my parents took care of for a few months, so it wouldn't be about the anime, but it is very possible she wrote the music about the original story. Maybe she even brought the books to read while here in the States?

    So now my next challenge is to learn the music, and see if it sounds like a fantasy train ride through the Milky Way galaxy.

    Thank you VERY MUCH to everyone that posted. Greg, please thank your friend for me also.
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