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Need just a little help here

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    I've noticed in the past that when I connect to the internet my bytes sent often equals my bytes received. I recently installed Norton Anti virus and last time I got online I noticed that norton was scanning emails being sent. someone is using my connection to send their emails. is this a common problem? am I going to be labeled as a spammer when I try sending my own mail?
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    will setting up a firewall solve this problem?
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    Trib, I would reccomend getting a router with a built in firewll that allows you to be 'stealthy' while on the net. Like with a netgear router whenever someone tries to ping your computer they get nothing back. Also you dont have to worry about cpu resources veing used by a software firewall.

    It may be a bot of somekind using you but then again I am not that savvy! I would be concerned about what you are talking about! Try looking into one of these scanner sites to test your security just make sure that it isn't one those scam scan sites! I would look into scanning your computer and if you really want to feel safe, then just reformat your hard drive so you can start with a clean slate, tabula rasa.

    What kind of connection are you using? What kind of service?
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    Hey I just came across the article Trib and I thought it perhaps would reinforce your paranoia :rofl: :

    Have hackers recruited your PC?

    Some food for thought of your speculations!
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    hey polyb.. what is a netgear router, how and where do you get one (free download?) and how do you use it? does it prevent others from tracing your ip adress in your email as well? interested
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