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Need machine ideas for Junkyard Wars board game

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    Need machine ideas for "Junkyard Wars" board game

    Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but here goes.

    I'm in the process of developing a board game (and eventually Internet multi-player game) version of Junkyard Wars. The premise is you pick up items in a typical junkyard and use them to build simple machines.

    I've got all the game play more or less set up. Now it's time to determine the machines themselves. Each piece of junk is represented by a tile. Since I'm using a bunch of Scrabble sets to serve as "test" tiles, with each symbol representing something, we've got various distributions of tiles, ranging from 24 to a few things with only 1 of them on the whole board (21x21). There are 400 tiles total, 8 of which will be jokers and can be anything (referee's discretion).

    I need to think up what's supposed to be in the junkyard, and from that I need ideas as to what is can be built along with blueprints for at least one way the object can be built.

    Here are the preliminary objects currently in the junkyard. I may want to make a few of them heavier -- people have harder times running around with heavier objects. No, I doubt tesla coils can be available in junkyards (but if they are, they'd probably be rare, 1x or 2x in whole junkyard). The players need not be engineers if all they have to follow is a blueprint and instructions (but they should be smart enough to be able to hack something up based on the design).

    What can you guys build out of some (or all) of the following objects, and how?

    Magnifying glass (3x bigger)
    Small motor
    4' x 4' piece of plywood (1 inch thick)
    Marbles (half an inch long)
    Piece of pipe (foot long)

    Light bulb (60 watts)
    Roll of duct tape (long enough for all purposes)
    Can of Play-Doh
    Glue bottle (a few ounces)
    Hand crank (power supply)

    Battery (power supply)
    Plastic knife (silverware)
    Electrical fuse (typical for a house)
    Deflated balloon (kid's party balloon)
    Paper towel

    Sandpaper (half-used)
    Rubber band
    Set of gears

    Piece of garden hose (short, a few feet long)
    Plastic ruler
    Toy magnet
    Pair of surgical gloves
    Plastic coffee can lid

    Pencil, with eraser
    Electrical wire (1 meter)

    Push pin
    Coke bottle (1 liter)
    Piece of paper (8.5 x 11)
    Paper clip
    Garbage bag (13 L)

    10-foot rope
    Paper cup (5 oz)
    Paper plate (8 inches)
    Piece of aluminum foil (2 ft)
    Cardboard box (1 foot sq)
    Coke can (10 oz)

    What can you guys make out of this? I've left room in the tile distributions for a bunch of 1- or 2-frequency objects specific for individual machines' purposes.

    Thanks in advance,

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