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Homework Help: Need Major Help please!

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    Major stuck on a question for my assignment, totally wracked my brain and my mates too! here is the qtn

    An alloy has an initial shear yield strength. After ageing to an overaged condition the matrix now contains particles where the average centre to centre spacing is 275nm. The average partical diameter is 75nm. Determine the new strength of the alloy taking into account the strengthing contribution from the disperesd particles.


    Burgers vector the dislocation= 0.286nm
    shear modulas of the alloy 80GPa

    We have worked out the addiitional strenght but cant seem to work out the initial to add it to the additional to work out the new!

    Please please, anybody... help me
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    If you don't know the alloy, you're not going to be able to estimate its initial yield strength (in the lack of any strengthening particles) with any precision. As you probably know, the yield strength of alloys depends on many things, including the component metals, the grain size, and the dislocation density.
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