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Homework Help: Need Major Help with Canal Lock Problem!

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    As the title says, I need major help with a problem for my AP Physics class and I have to explain my answer orally to the class. Here is the question and if you could, could you answer it and follow up with an explanation? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here it is:

    A boat in a canal lock sinks: does the water level rise, sink, or remain the same? Explain!
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    You posted this on both "k-12 Level Help" and "College Level Help".
    Don't you know where you are? (Please do not post the same thing to different forums.)

    The response on the "k-12 Level Help" was very good: do an experiment to find out. You can also think about this: the boat sinks because water flows into it and weighs it down. Where does that water come from?

    By the way- is this lock completely sealed or being allowed to flow into or out of it?
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