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Need matlab help

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    hi all, this is fayez. is there anyone who can send me a matlab simulation code? the code displays the frequency and phase response of quantum well laser. or pls instruct me about how to do it. pls help me out.
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    Plotting the Frequency Response Using MATLAB

    The frequency response of a system is the major way of characterizing how a system behaves in the frequency domain. It is important to understand the frequency characteristics of a given system rather than time domain characteristics alone for many practical applications like filter design.

    The frequency response of a system, is just the transfer function, evaluated at . Frequency response is usually a complex valued function, so it can be written as , where is the magnitude response and is the phase response. You can use MATLAB to plot the magnitude and phase responses as follows:

    Example: , to plot magnitude and phase responses use the following command lines. Define two vectors b and a where b is the coefficients of the polynomial in the numerator, and a is the coefficients of the polynomial in the numerator.
    Note that they have to be the same length and start with the coefficient of the highest order term. Then define w as the vector of frequencies over which you want to plot the magnitude and phase responses.

    >> b=[0 1 -1];
    >> a=[1 8 8];
    >> w=[0:.1:2*pi];
    >> freqs(b,a,w)

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