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Need more forums like this

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    i like these forums.would like to join a few more which deals with topics like conservation and ecology,paleantology,anthropology,history and earth sciences like geology.do you know any?please direct me to them.these search engines are very inadequate.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Sage - i have recently opened a forum, but it's not at all science related. However, I am very much considering opening a purely science forum

    My forum will cater to intelligent and respectful people. People in the scientific community, or younger people who are very interested. It will not allow any nonscintific topics, except logic and math.

    It will be heavily moderated, childishness and immaturity will not be tolerated.

    No idea when it will begin, but it's in the front of my brain, I'm just looking into hosts and domains and such.

    BTW - I am also heading an online organization which will be an "atheist community". I am not sure I wil be doing this yet.

    Anyhow, point being that I can't give the name of this atheist community because I haven't registered the domain.

    I may allow my science forums to be atheist only. Also, if i do make this community, my forums will appear as an independant part of it.

    nevertheless - this is all in my head and nothing tangible yet. But, I will surely be letting people here know, as this site is a great creation and I think many here would indeed like a purely scientific and quite mature no BS taken forum site.

    I will include all sections of science to cater to anyone.

    Just typing this I'm getting more interested in doing it. YAY!
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    Can I point you in the direction of my forums if you like Geology, sage?

    Pretty new still, only 400-odd posts, but I try and keep the crackpottery down to a minimum and to promote proper Earth Science.


    </ shameless plug>
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