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Need PHP coding help

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    I am just starting out with this and am having trouble getting the code to translate to a webpage. It is not really clear as to how this is to be done. I have created a basic program in notepad, saved it as .php and have attempted to open in IE but get a message that says something about not having the proper devices to run it.

    Also I have attempted to run it through XAMPP, but have received errors about SQL syntax or something along those lines. I would appreciate any input on this matter.
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    Do you have a web server running PHP?
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    I installed apache on my computer though I am still seeing these problems. Should I be able to run the program through IE with Apache?
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    You should drop the php file in your Apache site root and access it via IE as http://localhost/myphpfile.php [Broken]

    If the PHP file uses SQL you also need to have MySQL installed and configured.
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    Apache also needs to have PHP installed and you may have to add some stuff to the Apache config file so it knows to use PHP to interpret .php files.
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