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Homework Help: Need physics experiment idea

  1. Oct 16, 2004 #1
    hi....im new here.....

    im in 11th grade and need to submit a project and report (physics) for my internals.......
    pleez give me easy to make experiments which is suitable for my grade.....

    thank u
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    What's that?

    I'm in twelth grade so maybe I could help. What is an internal, and what do you mean by needing a project. Like just some experiment, or what?
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    Projectile motion's always fun. Build some sort of launching device, with a spring is easiest, and use classical Newtonian equations to calculate the amount of force it will produce. Set it at an angle, choose a (preferably round) projectile, weight it, calculate the theoretical distance the launcher will shoot it and see if you can consistently hit a target.
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    ya go with the projeciles. our gr. 12 class just just a bunch of launching of objects last week.
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