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Need portfolio feedback

  1. Mar 3, 2014 #1
    I opened this thread under General Discussion but it got closed without me knowing why. So I repost it here(assuming that it was in the wrong place).

    So I am a soon under-graduate in computer science and I've put up a portfolio to stick out from other candidates when I apply for internships or jobs.

    I would just like to hear what you people think and if I should change something. All criticism is good so hit me ruthlessly :biggrin:

    Do you think the design is a bit too juvenile?
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    I don't know what that is, but no, you could not use this instead of a CV for a serious job. The English is very poor, some words aren't even English, (wanna is poor slang, something you should never use with a CV/resume).
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    Thank you for your reply. I read it also on my previous thread but couldn't answer because the thread got closed.

    Portfolio is pretty much a way to show your work. In this case as a coder and designer, I try to show some of my coding projects and some of my graphics.

    I agree, "wanna" is a bit informal, but it's quite commonly used even by high class people(did research on it) so I put it in there just to sound like I am talking directly to the viewer. I thought the rest of the English was pretty fine. I mean I am just an undergraduate in computer science, not a lawyer so how formal should it be? I don't want to sound cold either.
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    Your research is faulty. "Wanna" is used by five year olds and illiterates. You need to change it.
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    I can't speak as a hiring manager, but..

    I agree with above. Unless you're hiring into some sort of casual computer programming company that doesn't have politics and professional standards, you'll need to change it. Most of industry acts professionally, especially in the hiring stage. Slang, whether used by high class people or not, is not professional in a business sense. They will view slang as you not taking the position seriously.

    As far as how this compares to a CV, I have no idea. But if it were me, I would use the standard CV/Resume and then potentially use something like this during an interview, not in place of a CV.
  7. Mar 4, 2014 #6


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    Pithikos, you are obviously creative, but you need to consider who will be reviewing your CV/resume. For some positions, such as an artist, a creative approach can be appropriate and even give you an edge, but for a computer science graduate, you need to be more "mainstream". Most employers get deluged with applications. A lot of companies now even require that you upload your CV/resume in plain text for starting positions. They want to view everything the same way. Some even use software that searches for key words and having the wrong words can mean it won't even get to a human.

    Perhaps it would help you to check out a few CV/resume websites that can give you ideas and information about what works in the industry you wish to enter. Does your University offer career counseling? Take advantage of any free help you can get.

    I have been on the hiring end for a huge multinational company before and I was shocked at how brutal the process is. People were flinging resumes into the corner of the room and laughing. Anything with designs, textures, colors or unusual font got pitched without even being read, and these were the ones that got past the initial screening and forwarded to us. I would suggest doing some research and taking advantage of any help you can get. I wish you good luck, I don't envy anyone that has to go through a job search in today's environment.
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