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Need Recommendation for GOOD physics books,

  1. Mar 11, 2004 #1
    I'm currently taking Advanced Modern Physics and Optics, among other things. Our textbooks aren't too keen on explaining things in detail and going into the exact proofs and formulations. Im looking for a physics book or series of physics books that actually explain everything in detail, including derivations (and the algebra used) to everything from hard mechanics to modern physics to quantum, e and M and optics...I know it sounds general but there has to be a series of books that's hardcore :[
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    PErhaps it would be helpful if we knew what books you were using now......that way we know what you *dont* like.
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    Modern Physics book is: Modern Physics by Paul A Tipler

    Optics: Big ass Binder of 400 pages called Fundamentals of Optics by Jenkins and White
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