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Need Research Topic

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    Well I guess two research projects isn't ennough I am required to do a research project for physics now....
    (on a plus note the other two projects should be ending within a couple of monthes)

    I was wondering if anyone would be kind ennough to suggest some things to research... also the project is very open... so it could be experiment/project/reading about something

    As probably most you could guess I am strongly considering doing reserach on String Theory, but I was wondering if anyone would have some other suggestions. I am also considering asking if I can develop my website www.utoe.org as my project... any opinions on that?

    well I am going to think of some more things hopefully you will too
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    How about various attempts by string/brane theories to reproduce the phenomena of the standard model, going into some detail about problems like chirality, flavors (aka generations), and so on. Compare and contrast.
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    hmm sounds interesting... there probably isn't any unique aspects of string theory I could research that hasn't been written about before... anyway I don't know much about what you suggested but I will look into it.
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