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Homework Help: Need Serious help

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    Problem: A 64-lb block is released from the top of a plane inclined at 30 degrees to the horizontal. As the block slides down the plane, its coefficient of friction is 0.25, and it experiences a drag force due to air resistance equal to one-half is velocity in ft/sec. (a) Determine the equation for the velocity of the block. (b) Determine the equation for the displacement of the block, (c) Calculate the displacement and velocity of the block 5 sec after it is released.
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    I understand the formulas for the force and everything but I need help setting up the differential equation
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    After you have expressions for each of the forces and for the acceleration, write
    [tex]F = ma[/tex]
    Then, beneath that, in the corresponding positions, rewrite it using the expressions you found. That will give you the differential equation you have to solve.
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