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Need solution to this puzzle

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    I am sure this one has been done a million times, but I can't figure this out. It about 10 mint producing machine and one of them is defective and produces coins that weigh 10% less than the other 9. You have a scale but you can only use it once and only once, how would you identify the defective machine?
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    What have you tried?
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    Here's a hint: What's 1+2+3?
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    This puzzle has been presented in a slightly different form in the thread entitled: inspector Columbo.
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    I solved another problem of same kind, which says there are 10 groups of 10 balls each and each ball in a group weighs 10gms except one group which has 9 gm balls in it, by an excellent case of coincidence.

    When I was in school I had a grave problem with my third language and only way out for me is to mug up. I often used to forget part of the essays and poems, so my teacher advised me to count numbers to calm down myself and try remembering them. I was totally baffled when the above problem was given to me and started counting numbers. I got that when I reached 10.
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