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Need some advice

  1. Jun 21, 2010 #1
    Hello everyone. i would like to know your personal opinions about weather i should study undergraduate program in USA or in my home country Russian Fed.
    At the moment i am preparing for SATs and will try to get into a US school. I am going to do aerospace engineering or theoretical physics/math. The other important question is -how hard will it be for me to get a job in US firm?i f it is a military orientated organization?

    Thanks in advance!
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    You mostly likely need U.S. citizenship to work for defense contractors. I've applied to both small and large contractors. All of them required me to be a U.S. citizen during their phone screenings/interviews.
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    Citizenship is typically required for US jobs.

    That being said, if you get an education at a US institution, my guess is that you'd be of great value in the Russian job market. The Russians are really beefing up military spending, and probably you'd be paid much more there (vs. cost of living) than you would here with a 4 year degree.

    If you want to stay in the US, you should pursue citizenship, though. This will make it easier to get a job in general.
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    Ohh..any ideas how to get US citizenship fast?)))))))
    fizziks, u are not US citizen? where are u from then?
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    You can get married to a U.S. citizen. Are you a female?
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    I am a citizen but all defense contractors I've applied ask anyways. Defense employers ask every potential hires if they are a citizen or not. It is required to getting a clearance too.

    Lol, this is sad but very true. I can safely say that a number of foreigners become citizens by marriage to a U.S. citizen. And from there they bring in their families.

    I've known people who just married for the sake of bringing everyone over to the U.S.
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    nahh, i am a male. Marrage...hmm... i a bit too young for it))
    is there any legal and fast way?
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    If there was, then I doubt so many people would be willing to marry people that they do not know just to get citizenship.
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    Not really. Coming into the U.S. is hard enough. Becoming a citizen is even harder. My parents have some friends in China and they have been trying over 10 years to bring them here and make them citizens.
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    I would strongly suggest that you worry about getting your education first before making such ambitious plans regarding your employment. A lot of things can and DO happen along the way that can easily render such plans to be useless.

    As for the remaining discussion in this thread, please stick to on-topic discussion appropriate for the "Academic Guidance" forum. Discussion on how to get US Citizenship, etc. is not one of them. Furthermore, and I know this is just idle discussion, suggestion about getting married just to get a US Citizenship may be unlawful. So that line of discussion should cease immediately.

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