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Need Some Advice

  1. Apr 30, 2011 #1
    So I'm taking a course on real analysis which covers the last 3 chapters of Rudin's Principles, (multivariable analysis, differential forms, lebesgue measure), and after doing poorly on the midterm I'm going to be taking a final in about 5 weeks for 80% of my grade.

    I would really like an A in this class and I am willing to work very hard over the next 5 weeks to get it, but Rudin by itself just isn't cutting it, especially his chapter on differential forms, the notation is just a complete nightmare to wade through, and its just too terse, I need something with more exposition, that can provide me with more intuition and examples.

    General advice about this material definitely appreciated, as well as any free online sources, but also maybe books which aren't too expensive, I was thinking maybe Pugh's book on real analysis.
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    I dunno. Maybe find a good local math friend?

    I took this as an independent study with two others. We helped each other..
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