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Need Some Advice

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    I just completed my freshman year as a EE at Georgia Tech. I did pretty well the first semester (3.8 GPA with a difficult course load), but I pretty much bombed my second semester (one D in CS 1372 and two B's in ECE 2030 and DiffEQ). At least I got an A in DSP. For the course I got a D in, I literally showed up for 2 classes and missed most of my homework assignments. I really should have taken a lighter course load or dropped the class, when I had the chance. This was the result of me partying too hard and losing my focus. I don't think it's a problem with my major; I love everything about it. It's just that my major classes are harder, and given the same amount of attention, or lack thereof, I will do worse in the major classes. I'm really depressed right now b/c I want to get back on track to getting a 4.0 or at least a 3.8+. I know I'm very capable of doing it, but I think employers are going to look down upon me getting a D in a major-related course. I'm retaking the class this summer, and I am sure that I am going to get an A. The class is very easy for me, now that I actually attend lectures.

    My current GPA is 3.5 overall/2.9 major (the major GPA is so low b/c I've taken only a handful and I got a D in one of them). After summer classes and using freshman forgiveness for the D, my GPA will be 3.71 overall/3.7 major. I'm applying for co-ops at this time, and I'm aiming kind of low, due to last sem's GPA. So my question to you is, if I show a trend of A's for the next semester or two, do you think I'll be able to land an internship or co-op with a top tech company? This used to be my main motivation, and I'm now worried that I no longer have a chance at it. Also, will the D kill my chances of eventually applying for a grad program or even possibly an MBA in the not too distant future?
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    Of course you will. A good piece of advice is to aim for the stars, but shoot for the moon. Don't be discouraged if you don't get accepted for the internship by your dream company. Make sure to have a backup plan.

    As far as a D killing your chances, this is false. If you pull yourself together and show that you can handle difficult courses after this semester, it speaks volumes. You're only human.
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