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Need some force/energy help

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    Ouch, I got myself stumped. Say we are given the energy of a system (in this case let's consider it a hypothetical gravity wave). I have the energy of the wave that it has, derived from the change in momentum of the object it interacted with. I want to determine the force of gravity between the two objects to henceforth calculate the mass of the object emitting the wave (assume distance is known in this case as well). I suspect maybe it is a simple matter just going back to the change in momentum, but am not certain if there is another way given the energy of the wave. Any insights?
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    h0 h0, I clicked this thread expecting to quickly solve your problem, but if you're working with gravity waves, your Physics skillz are likely much l33ter than mine

    If I got handed a problem like that right now, I'd look around to see if there's a formula relating the wave's energy to its momentum, like there is with light waves, then combine that with the facts that force is the change in momentum with respect to time and that you probably have the power being transmitted by the wave, but you probably already did that to no avail
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    Maybe. I am basically trying some new tricks out, but who knows? Yeah I got nowhere with the power thing...though I might have a few more options left.
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