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Need some guidance on furthering my Engineering Studies

  1. Oct 3, 2011 #1
    I suffer from a severe case of OCD and for the past few years it has gotten worse. Due to medication issues (Extrapyramidal symptoms) I had to drop out half way through first year engineering. I went back, just to fail Calculus 101 (which is arguably due to a teacher with a ridiculous 90% failure rate at times), and now I'm needing to retake 101.

    Luckily, the university I'm attending looked into my issue and allowed me to continue onto second year, but I was unable to get into mechanical engineering. They put me in electrical. And although it is interesting, and I excel in the digital side of things, I've always wanted to do aerospace. Therefore I would like to transfer to another university since this one doesn't have any aerospace programs.

    I'm told I only have 6 years, and lately the OCD is again causing problems, making it very difficult to have me pull through this year. I'm only 1 month into first semester, I still have time to catch up and focus. But am I effectively 2 years behind? Can I still switch programs and get my undergrad?

    So, I'm asking, what can I do to switch into aerospace later on, and what are some pointers, to anyone else who has dealt with similar or suffer from the same condition, that had them get through engineering?

    Cheers on input. Awkward for a first post, but hey.
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