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Need some guidance

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    can someone at least show me how to begin this problem...I really need the assistance!!! Thanks!!!

    During June, Collen's Motors sold 75 cars with air conditioning, 95 with power steering, and 100 with automatic transmissions. Twenty cars had all three options, 10 cars had none of these options, and 10 cars were sold that had only air conditioning. In addition, 50 cars had both automatic transmissions and power steering, and 60 cars had both automatic transmissiosn and air conditioning.

    a) how many cars were sold in June?
    b) how many cars only had power sterring?
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    You can use that chart thing with the overlapping circles...
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    I have no clue what your talking about!
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    He's suggesting a Venn diagram.
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    He means a venn-diagram. You'll have 3 circles, one for the cars with AC, one for the cars with power steering, and one for the automatics. The overlaps represent the cars that share 2 of the properties (or all 3). Are you familiar with venn diagrams?
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