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Need some help for an exhibition/ artwork

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    Hi all,

    Hope I've come to the right place. I have an upcoming exhibition and need some engineering assistance with the project. Before I get into it, take a second to read a synopsis of the exhibition. That way you get a general idea of what it's in store.

    The exhibition is primarily composed of 100 bucket loads of soil from 100 properties currently on the real estate market throughout Sydney's suburbs. woof!! what a task! I have already gathered most of the soil. In early Jan, I'm going to get pH and EC levels/ soil analysis done on each individual soil sample to determine their general health.

    After the sampling, the mass of soil accumulated will be poured onto the gallery floor, covering most of it to form a large black square, roughly 4000mm x 4000mm x 10mm high

    So the questions I have for you....eessh!!! Whilst reading below please check out the google sketch image attached, it may help in translating my ideas. Fingers crossed.

    I'm thinking of creating a pressure sensitive floor (PSF) beneath the soil spread out over the gallery floor. The PSF would be composed of 36 different pressure activation box units (PABU) @ 650 x 650mm x 5-10mm high. In these PABUs a push button would be placed in their centre, with a hollow square rubber foam surrounding it, acting as a suspension. The PABU would be encased in a timber frame and its top cover would sit on the rubber foam and would be made of ply or chip...(not sure). Once a certain weight is depressed on the top cover, it would press the push button and activate it. The push button would be hard wired to a multiplex/ matrix keyboard (?).

    The multiplex/ matrix keyboard would need to be able to decipher each PABU activation and also capable of receiving separate and simultaneous PABU signals. The multiplex/ matrix keyboard would then send its signals to a computer running a programme that would then activate images. Via a projection, the programme would display a large black cell grid composed of 36 image cells (IC). Each individual IC corresponds to a single PABU. Each IC has ten images stored in its memory, displaying only one image at a time = activation of PABU. For example, anytime an individual PABU is activated, it displays a different image assigned to its IC. As there are 36 ICs and each with 10 images, that would mean 360 images are stored in the program. I really don't know how else to elaborate on this part. See image.

    The idea is one thing, the practical application of it another. Does it make sense to you and if so, can I get some general assistance on what would be required for the various components. Including the exact hardware I'd require and software.

    If you got time, give it some thought on how I can turn all my silly acronyms into something tangible and in whether there are more efficient ways of achieving the same result.

    There are other more attractive alternatives, but extremely expensive and time consuming....check this link http://ame2.asu.edu/projects/floor/

    I am a poor artist with a very tight budget.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Oh, if I've come to the wrong forum. I'll be on my merry way.


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