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Need Some Help here

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    Need Some Help here!!

    I have a Philips 1000/J/2000 357 Rp 16Khz Capacitor, can anyone tell me what the capacitance value is? i believe its a TV capacitor..
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    I don't know what the frequency reference is about.... Have you tried google to see if you get a hit? Or maybe the Philips website will get you to a datasheet that will give you the value from the part #.

    You could also just measure it -- many DVMs have a capacitance measurement feature now. Or if you have a signal generator and a resistor....
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    First number should be the value.
    Second voltage.

    Not familiar with 357 Rp - perhaps dieletric resistance.
    16Khz probably means rated for TV flyback circuit.
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    try to measure it using digital meter
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