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Need some help, I'm Ignorant you see

  1. Apr 16, 2004 #1
    Need some help, I'm Ignorant you see....

    H. Yukawa's "Virtual Meson Cloud Theory" was something that I had been taught of, in Physics, so my question is simple enough, is the derivation of presence of Meson clouds, (or simply Meson activity/activities) about an atomic nucleus, a substantable, or proven, (other then, simply, full/filled-in 'inference', mathematically) with respect to it's actuality of presence, (about any atoms nucleus) in Determinant Elements, inasmuch as it would-be/should-be 'predictable' that it would not be found in Hydrogen, inasmuch as, the lack of neutron/proton interactivity would preclude the clouds formation....

    So that reveals my ignorance....quite well actually....

    Is it already known? if so, how was it proven? and what are the results? (where are they, too, please?)

    Is it testable, if not already known? and How?

    (Oh Yeah! To Two's Too!)
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