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Need Some Help - modeling rotating tooling drum with vacuum

  1. Mar 7, 2013 #1
    Need Some Help -- modeling rotating tooling drum with vacuum

    Hello Fellow Physics Friends,

    I am working on a problem which I do not engage in often. My typical days are involved with mostly mechanical system designs handling and packaging small products. One system design which we are use involves la hollow rotating tooling drum with vacuum on the inside small holes to hold the product on the exterior face. As the drum rotates we use a high speed valve and nozzle in the interior of the drum close proximity to the inner wall to blow out the product.

    I would like to model this process so that I can calculate the time of travel for the product being ejected past a 40 mm distance from the pocket of the drum as it it ejected at the bottom of rotation. The variables can include the rpm of the drum, the eject pressure, the product size and mass, and of course the vacuum.

    Not sure where this will go, nor am I sure where to start. To begin with how would I calculate the added acceleration of the air blast in addition to the acceleration of gravity.

    Thanks in advance to all....
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