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Need some help(RLC circuit)

  1. Mar 22, 2004 #1
    Hello all!
    Can someone help me to solve this problem at bottom?
    (I was doing my homework, but I couldn't solve those two problems at bottom. I don't have any clue )

    ==> A circuit is set up as shown to the right("Attached file"). When the switch is closed there is no current in the circuit and the capacitor has the indicated initial charge
    I¥ï = 0.00amps, q¥ï = -800¥ìC, ¥å(emf)= 24.0V, R=18.0¥Ø, C=50.0 ¥ìF, L=36.0mH

    #Draw a rough graph of the charge on the capacitor as function of time from t=0s to a time long compared with 2¥óL.

    #Make an estimate of the amount of electrical energy that has been converted into heat in the resistor from t = 0s to a time long compared with 2¥óL.

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