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Homework Help: Need some help w/ physics problem!

  1. Oct 31, 2004 #1
    Im not really good at physics :blushing: , so if u could solve the problem or help me through it!! Any help will be appreciated!!

    1.) An object travels in a straight line at a uniform velocity of 10 m/s for 3 seconds and then travels for 2 seconds at a constant speed of 5 meters per second in the same direction. Calculate the total distance traveled! :grumpy:
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    Tell your teacher that the problem is flawed. If the object was initially travelling at 10m/s, then it must have decelerated in order to reach 5 m/s. Yet, no information was provided for the time or magnitude of the deceleration.
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    remember that distance travled is equal to the velocity times the time (s=v*t). Do this for both velocities and add them together.
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    If your teacher is the kind of teacher with his/her head in equation-land all the time with no time for reality, you could do this.
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    I agree; the very least would have been to insert a sentence like:
    "The deceleration phase is so short that we neglect any distance travelled in that period"
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