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Need some help with Acid base titrations

  1. Apr 28, 2004 #1
    I have several questions.

    1.)Supose [H+] is 100 times less than the ka for an acidic acid-base indicator (see Eq.2), and enough acid is added to the the solution to raise [H+] by a factor of 10,000. What value did the ration of the different colored forms of the indicator, [ln-]/[H ln], have originally, and what value does it have after the addition of the acid?

    Eq 2. ka= ([H+][ln-])/([Hln]) Kb= ([lnd+][OH-])/([lndOH])

    2.)Potassium acid phthalate has a single hydrogen ion and a molar mass of 204.23 g/mol. Suppose you weigh out .500g of KHP and titrate it with a sodium hydroxide solution of unknown concentration. If it takes 35.0ml of the base to reach the end point, what is the concentration of the base?

    3.) if a table contains 110 mg of Mg(OH)2 and 550mg CaCO3 how many moles of HCL would theoretically be neutralized.
    *for this one do i just convert the mass into the mols of HCL and add them up.

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