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Need some help with Bolts and flanges

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    Hello everyone.

    I really in dire need of your help as i am not a mechanical engineer, so at this stage i am busy finding out the right design of PVC flanges for a filter column.
    But the thing is
    How to choose the right bolts ? i mean how many bolts should i have for my flanges and what size of bolts..

    What i can tell u is my filter column is 315mm outside diameter and 3 m lenght and the filter is of 3 sections and i need to connect these sections by grey PVC flanges..and i will put a wire mesh between the flanges

    by the way, the filter column is a clear PVC

    So please how can i start with ?

    Try to help me

    Best regards
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    Since it's PVC, it has to be relatively low pressure. Just use standard PVC flanges and the respective bolts and gaskets. That would be the easiest. If you want to design your own, you need to know the expected loads and pressures before starting an analysis.
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