Need some help with cantilevered assembly.

Hopefully someone here can help me. My schooling is in computer engineering, and so I lack knowledge in mech eng. Anyway, I am helping a friend build a small hoist on his ranch that will be used for processing pigs and other medium to semi large animals. The tubing is square, structural grade tube, and is 2x2x.125

The assembly is 82 inches high with the top cross beam being 36 inches long (the bottom will have small gussets to add strength to the base). In the middle of this top cross beam will be a pulley that has a winch cable going through it. The winch will drag the animal a short distance and eventually pull it up so that the animal is suspended under the top beam for processing.

I would appreciate any help to try and figure out what the failure load for the assembly would be, especially the 82 inch side pieces. I would also be interested in load and deflection data. I assume a safety rating of .55 the maximum load would be standard?

Can anyone post the formulas that would be used to compute the information I desire? Perhaps someone would also be kind enough to help me out if I post back with questions. I appreciate any help offered. Thanks!

-Now that I really think of it since the top beam has a pulley, won't most of the horizontal load (when dragging animal short distance) be transferred to the winch mounting base? I assume a small load will be applied to the vertical pillars through cable friction on the pulley. Then once the load has been hauled up and suspended under the top beam the load would transfer to the center of the 36" top beam, correct? Thoughts appreciated. Thanks again!!

Picture attached.


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