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Need some help with piezoelectric plates

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    I am doing my wrong project from school. Its basically a science fair but only for the students in the class. I came up with the idea to use piezoelectric plates to charge a capacitor that then charges one of those portable po charge a phone. I know I'm not the first one do this, but I do want to improve on the idea. I don't know much about pates charging capacitors except how both parts work and that its possible. Sadly there isn't a whole lot of guides on the internet or videos on youtube about this particular project. Yes there are lots of videos about the final project, but not the steps taken to get there.

    The best video that i have found so far is this one, but if you watch it you can tell its not very descriptive:

    Does anyone have any information that can help me out in actually building the circuit or the parts I need and how I should them together? Thanks.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    This question gets asked fairly frequently here. I did a search on the word "Piezo" in the title of threads here in the EE forum, and got lots of hits. Please have a read through this hit list to get a feeling for your science fair idea:


    Unfortunately, there is just not enough energy harvested from Piezo footfalls to be of any use in charging a battery. You would do better to have more squishy soles that have some travel, and convert that motion into rotary motion to run small generators.
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