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Need Some Help With Polynomials

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    Need Some Help With Polynomials
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    You will have to be a little bit more specific.
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    Since you weren't very specific, I'm going to guess your question and help you with it.

    No, [tex]x^3/(2x^2-3x)[/tex] is not a polynomial; it's a rational function. You can think of this as the ratio of two polynomials. It doesn't exist when the 'denominator' polynomial has a zero. Can you solve that one? Hint: quadratics have two solutions (usually, and this one does). Be careful when dividing!

    for more information on polynomials.
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    Polynomial rhymes on Binomial and Trichomial.
    Hope this helped!:smile:
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    Vet: How did your parrot die?
    Mathematician: Polynomial.

    (PS - know this is no place for stupid jokes, but I had to. :biggrin: )
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    Is this a question or a statment?

    If it is a question, do you need help or are you offering it?

    If it is a statement, I don't know what it means.
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