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Need some help.

  1. Sep 13, 2008 #1
    hey guys

    i am now taking the Differential Equations and Linear Algebra class, and we are using the book writen by Edwards Penney. it is the 2nd edition. i feel llike this book is disorganized and doesnt explain things very well at all. anybody use the same book? can you guys give me some suggestions about how to study differential equations effectively. I feel so bad about this topic. i mean i am really good at math. i got As since i was in the middle school. i took calc1 and 2, they were easy. i am sure i can get an A for this class too cuz i am just a good test taker. however, i think the differential equation is so abstract. i cant even use my imagination when i am trying to understand the stuff.

    i went to office hour and ask my professor a coupld questions, but he didnt explain to me at all. he was like oh, you dont need to know it, it is beyond the topic and you wont understand. i was like wtf, if u dont explain to me, how do u know i wont understand it.

    BTW, i even found some mistakes in the book.

    please just give me some suggestions about this topic.
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