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Need some historical documentation

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    Hello everyone.

    My name is Renaud Guilbert and I need some specific documentation for a work based on the history of physics. To achieve it, I need the original papers of 4 experiments that are now classics of modern physics. By original papers, I mean the first report of the experiment, usually written by the scientist himself. The four experiments I need the papers for are:

    The Compton effect (1923)
    The Hall effect (1879)
    The Mössbauer effect (1957)
    The Zeeman effect (1896)

    I already browsed up Physics Review magazine and got some results for one of them only. Your support and help would be much needed and appreciated. If you have a link to those, a path to follow, or only a suggestion of where to look or what keywords to look for, communicate with me through rrjg5_saphlav@hotmail.com or by posting back at this topic. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Good luck through your own searching.

    Renaud Guilbert, student at the physics faculty of McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
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    after a little googling:

    Compton, Physical Review (vol. 21, 1923, p. 483-502)

    E. H. Hall, "On a New Action of the Magnet on Electrical Current," Amer. J. Math. 2, 287-292 (1879).

    R. L Mössbauer, Z. Physik, 1958, 151, 124.
    R. L. Mössbauer, Naturwissenschaften, 1958, 22, 538.

    Zeeman, P., Verhandlungen der Physikalischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin 1896, 7, 128
    Zeeman, P., Nature 1897, 55, 347
    http://dbhs.wvusd.k12.ca.us/webdocs/Chem-History/Zeeman-effect.html [Broken]

    try those out
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