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Homework Help: Need some homework help

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    calculate the acceleration of a car that travels down a hillthat is 1.2 meters long in 2 seconds


    all that i have down is the forula but there is no other variables.
    --im stumped
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    Use the constant acceleration motion equations. If you don't know them google motion equations
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    wow they are really confusing

    is there a way i can get the solution without trying to figure them out???

    how can i find the force if i dont even know the acceleration?
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    imm really pissed at my science teacher right now
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    wait.... i have this nifty little equation you can use to calculate the acceleration with the final velocity..... d=(vi)(t)+(1/2)(a)(t)^2 vi is the initial velocity, and that equals zero, so you can cut that out and use the d=(1/2)(a)(t)^2 and work the equation to equal a.... that is all i am gonna give you
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