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Need some ideas for 1 semester research

  1. Jan 9, 2007 #1
    This is my last semester as an undergrad in Mechanical Engineering and we have this senior thesis class that I chose to take (most students don't take it...I believe only one more person is taking it in the entire class). I'm not a genius (I wouldn't even call myself smart), but I can safely say that none of my classes so far have been challenging. So, I took this class as an attempt to do something interesting. I'm most interested in robotics, mechatronics, system dynamics and controls, and I find their applications to bioengineering also interesting. I probably wouldn't be able to do any experiments and it's only 1 semester so any big research project can't be done. Also, I'll most likely be getting a MS degree next year in something related to robotics. Anyone have any interesting ideas for research in the above mentioned fields? All ideas are welcome and will be greatly appreciated :smile:.
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