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Need some input on email

  1. Mar 11, 2008 #1
    Hey all, My 12 year old son wants an email account. We discussed some basic rules which he agreed to so I told him I would hook him up with gmail. The youngster for some reason balked at gmail and insisted on msn hotmail. I told him I would look at the merits of each and decide. I use gmail and like it fine. My wife uses hotmail and likes it fine. Is there any reason to choose one over the other for a 12 year old? (from a parental standpoint). I prefer gmail because I think it is safer to use from a virus standpoint and spam blocking, However to be fair to him I told him I would find out about hotmail a bit. Any help would be appreciated. I have till tomorrow night if I am to keep my word.
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    I personally dislike gmail and don't use it. I would suggest yahoo mail. Spam free, (g-mail puts the spam in a folder that your son can see, yahoo mail keeps it from appearing, better for a young child) perhaps there is a selection in g-mail to prevent seeing the spam also, I would hope so). Some spam has gotten through on my gmail account and has never gotten through on yahoo.

    The overall format of yahoo is more visually appealing, larger text boxes for example.

    There is less advertising on yahoo mail.

    Yahoo mail is also less confusing to use without the confusing threading that you cannot delete from g-mail.

    Also, yahoo is unlimited, unlike g-mail.
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    Thanks Evo. I will throw that one into the mix!
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    A 12 year old might want hotmail for easier use with MSN instant messenger (although you can get a .NET passport with any e-mail address these days). Just highlighting that in case that was an issue you hadn't thought of.
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    I have a Gmail and Hotmail account. I'm not a big fan of either really and pretty much just use my school one. Gmail annoys me and hotmail sends you a ridiculous amount of spam, although their spam blockers are getting better. Your kid probably wants hotmail for msn messenger, but i believe yahoo will work with msn messenger as well.
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    You sound a bit too overprotective.
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    I have several e-mails and need uniformity so I download them through outlook. I don't know how people can use the service in a web browser. Its too messy and confusing.
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    I prefer gmail. Yahoo gives me login trouble. Error code1, error code2 , error code 999, sorry for the inconvenience, contact customer care, bla bla bla ........I'm a Google fan.:tongue:
    Who else gives IMAP for free ?:approve:
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    Thanks all I will post when we decide which one we choose. Yahoo mail is looking good.
    werg22--Thanks for the unsolicited opinion of my wife and my parental skills. I will always protect my kids. The internet is a public place, the tools available are many and varied. I do not think it is unreasonable to seek knowlageable advice. Frankly all 3 of my kids appreciate being protected. It allows them to be kids.
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    I've had a Hotmail and Gmail account for the past 4 years (POP3 got really tiring). I can't vouch for the gmail account though since it's rarely used. As long as your son is careful, it (a Hotmail account) will never be hit with spam (the spam has only recently started to come in - ZERO e-mails prior to Jan of this year).

    Here is another thing to consider - back when I was 12 there were these age blocks on registration which I'm guessing are still around. I just gave a fake age and went about my business; if your son really wants a hotmail account he WILL get one.
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    I don't like yahoo...too many ads crowding all over the page for me.

    I do like gmail, but agree with the issues raised by Evo that they only put your spam into a separate folder rather than deleting it immediately, so there might be quite an eye-full in there for a 12-year old.

    I despise hotmail because it ALWAYS seems to be broken, but if you set the spam filters to exclusive (in other words, it only lets through messages from people you put on a safe list...he can just enter the email addresses of his friends into that), he won't have all the porn ads awaiting him.

    Don't you have email through your ISP that you can just set up a mailbox for him?
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    there's something to be said for a child that figures out on their what's right and what's wrong
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    I'm with Moonbear - if any selection needs to be made I'd go for some obscure provider that doesn't show advertisements. Web-based email is a straightforward, well-honed application at this point in history and there's no particular reason to go with a big name.

    http://www.hushmail.com/" [Broken] is a good one for security and privacy, though I'm sure you know that the biggest security risk is what an internet user willingly gives away about themselves.

    (I'm not just saying that Hushmail is good for security because that's what they advertise; I have some expertise in computer security and their software and the policies they claim to follow internally display security knowledge and acumen.)
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    This seems like a rather obnoxious comment. He asked for advice on email services. But it seems like some people like to give their opinion on things that they weren't asked about.

    I personally like Gmail. But only because it gives you more than just an email account (blogger etc.). The spam issue seems to be a tie in my opinion.
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    I use .msn, which was the old hotmail account before hotmail got bought out by msn. But if you have a hotmail account, its still the msn interface. It works great, and I get NO spam. NONE. :)
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    I would set him up on which ever email account gets the most spam. This way you have the most opportunities available to educate your child on the rights and wrongs in our society. :)
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    meh there's nothing wrong with a little discourse
  19. Mar 13, 2008 #18
    I think either or. But give your son any time on the net and he is going to figure stuff out, be it the nastier side of the net or not. Just tell him not to meet people hes contacted via the net...
  20. Mar 13, 2008 #19


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    I know this is pretty obvious, but get his password and check his account often.
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    ...and find out where he keeps his diary (if he has one) and read it through in detail...:yuck:
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