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Need Some Metal Sheet Advice

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    I am working on a project, all details can be found http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=680115" is the catalog page with the options. I've googled about annealed and "dead soft" however I still can't tell exactly how soft/flexible it is. All I need it to support is water running. I also know the aluminum isn't the best for bending but I've read that at such thin pieces I should be able to get one bend out of it.

    Also perhaps there is a better metal to use in this case? I'd like to keep it cheap, but if there is something else around the price of the aluminum then its good.

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    Is there a recycling facility near you? If so, you might be able to scavenge some sheet metal from an old washing machine, freezer, fridge, etc. You don't need a sheet-metal brake to bend the sheet metal if you can keep the bend under 90 degrees. Just mark the metal with a sharpie, tuck it under a tight-fitting door, and bend it up to the door.

    That's about as cheap as you can get. Note that the thermal conductivity of enameled sheet-steel is not going to be as good as either copper or aluminum. At a the salvage/recycle yard you might get lucky and find usable aluminum sheet (perhaps from storm doors), but you'll have no such luck with copper. It's so expensive right now that people are breaking into storage rooms at electrical sub-stations and stealing copper wire.
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    You probably want to shoot for .050" thick or so if you have to buy it. Much thinner and it won't hold any sort of shape unless supported. Much thicker and it'll be hard to bend.
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    http://www.engineersedge.com/gauge.htm" [Broken] annealed aluminum will work fine, and it will be reasonably easy to bend by hand. (Clamp it between a pair of 2x4 or angle-iron and using another piece, push close to the clamped edge and it should fold pretty cleanly.)
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