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Need some statistics problems

  1. Apr 5, 2007 #1
    out of me being too poor/cheap to buy my stats txt book, I'm running out of problems to do while studying for exams.
    anybody know of any good websites that may have some practice problems for a second year engineering stats course. we just covered the basics. distributions, likelihood, hypothosis testing, basic regression.
    Or if you just wanna share your favourite stats problem :tongue2: that'd be great too!
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  3. Apr 5, 2007 #2
    hmm seemed to have found some on my own...google is your friend!
    still. any favourite problems people have. i'd be glad to hear 'em :)
  4. Apr 5, 2007 #3
    Try to find Papoulis' book in a library or something. Headaches guaranteed!
  5. Dec 10, 2009 #4
    hi, Having forgotten basic Statistics, I am not finding time to brush up basic concepts to put them to a compelling use. Actual I need to build a short-term or Intra-day trading "decision framework" for a set of Stocks based on statistical measure concepts, I can provide you with the historical intra-day numbers for a year or so and need to derive "decision values" based on a Statistical knowledge base. Can you help me with this, it will be simple and straight forward, to start with I will need an enumeration of Statistical measure "concepts" that could be used to build the model using Spread sheets- BTW,are you proficient in Spread sheets ? I will also need some approaches using which "price oscillators" can be defined for a small set of stocks and use this in the decision making framework. I hope you can comprehend me? As regards your need for Reference, I suppose this should suffice : http://www.itl.nist.gov/div898/handbook/
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