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Need some suggestions

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    Below is a picture of a project I and several others are working on. We are creating a Rube Goldberg project; the task is to inflate a balloon and then pop the inflated balloon. Below is our concept, but we need some suggestions on moving the "block of wood."

    Basically what we have here is a 6 foot board. On top of the board lies an Air Compressor. There is another piece of wood in which the air compressor's trigger is attached. There is another block of wood ("block of wood") lying on the 6 foot board holding a 3 pound weight. The 3 pound weight is connected to the trigger. When the "block of wood" is moved, the weight falls down thus pulling the trigger, which shoots air into the balloon and inflates it.

    http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/7906/physicsr.png [Broken]

    The problem is... We need to some how move the "block of wood" with as little amount of variables as possible. We attempted to create a ramp and have a ball roll down it knocking over the "block of wood," which works, but sometimes doesn't; It has too many variables. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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