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Need Testing and Feedback on Excel Coil Calculations Sheet (Part 2)

  1. Apr 26, 2007 #1
    Good Evening All,
    I've put together an Excel sheet (16 Kb ZIPPED) to act as a specific purpose calculator, into which I've programmed the various formulas involved in designing "flat" coils, such as would go into a generator or motor. It's setup so that the user can plug in a few variables and the sheet does the rest. I would like to have it tested for the accuracy of it's output information, "given a run for it's money" and critiqued. If anyone is interested in helping me out with this, it is in the attached .zip file. I would welcome any and all constructive feedback and/or corrections. Just for clarification, I've also attached a PDF file with an example picture that goes with the sheet.
    Thank You, GarageTinker

    P.S. BTW, if you find my Excel Calculations sheet useful for your own uses, you are quite free and welcome to use it at your own risk, as I do not and will not warantee or guarantee anything about it except that it has been scanned and is free of viruses at the time I uploaded it.
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