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Need This Paper

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    I am looking for this paper:

    The algorithm for calculating integrals of hypergeometric type functions and its realization in REDUCE system

    International Conference on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation archive
    Proceedings of the international symposium on Symbolic and algebraic computation table of contents

    Tokyo, Japan
    Pages: 212 - 224
    Year of Publication: 1990
    Authors V. S. Adamchik Byelorussian University, Minsk, USSR
    O. I. Marichev Byelorussian University, Minsk, USSR

    Thanks in advance
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    You do not understand. I have a copy of it but it is not clear, and I need a more recent copy so I can read and use it correctly.

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    Thanks. This is the version I have. It is not clear enough. For example, see the relation between [tex]K_v(.)[/tex] and the Meijer's function eq. 14.

    I need another version if it is available.

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