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Need tips on changing major

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    When I started school (2-3 years ago) I thought the best field to get into would be the IT field. Few months later I get an IT job and it's "meh", then I get a better paying IT job and it is even more "meh". Long story short I cannot stand my classes and have grown to hate the IT field, hate customer service, and hate almost everything about this field (I can find nothing that I like)

    I am getting tired of doing nothing; just sitting and waiting for issues to come so I actually have work to do; yes I know, I get paid to sit... Booooring!

    Note: I have AS in IT

    Anyways, while taking science classes I found that I have a passion for Astronomy, Geology, Physics, and Paleontology... Would it be practical switching my undergraduate major to one of these disciplines?

    If not I was thinking possibly computer engineering? But then again I cannot stand not being physically active... I want a career that is hands on. So computer engineering probably isn't the best bet? What about mechanical engineering and so on?

    Thanks! :)
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    If you are 2-3 years into your current major, you are almost certainly going to have to stay in school for probably 3 more years before you can get a Bachelor's degree in any of the mentioned disciplines.

    Computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and even physics can be very hands-on depending on what kind of engineer/physicist you wind up as.
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