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Well i just got into ap physics.Its my senior year and my counsler thinks i should and can take it. I haven't even taken trig yet. It wouldn't work out with my schedule to take both. So i picked physics. Now that you know my story I would like some help to refresh my memory on stuff,
directions say:find the angles associated with the trig. equations below.
a.)sin. angle=.0872. i got .0015 but don't know if its right. and another question.
4.)one angle of a right triangle is 26 degrees.The hypotenuse is 11 cm. Calculate the lengths of the other two sides.(i have know idea what to do on this one) i would appriecate the help thank you ~~~~


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Well the second one is based on the definitions of sine and cosine. In a right triangle either one of the smaller two angles is made by the hypothenuse (the longest side) meeting one of the other sides. The shorter side is called the adjacent side of that angle. The third side of the triangle is called the opposite side for that angle. So now the sine of the angle is the opposite side divided by the hypontenuse. And the cosine of that angle is the adjactent side divided by the hypotenuse.

So in your problem you have sine (26o) = opp side/11
and cosine (26o} = adj side/11.

Or opp side = 11 times sine(26o),
adj side = 11 times cosine (26o)

Think you can take it from there?

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