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Need to create a Hybridized SMA905 to FC fiber for pump Spectra Millenia 1064nm Cavit

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    I have a rack mount quad lab laser it has 4 series wired SMA905 connectorized diodes.I am wanting to use two of the to pump a Spectra Physic Millenia 1st generation 1064nm laser cavity which has 2 FC female connectorized collimation lenses. They pump a 4x4x7mm water cooled YVO4 crystal from two sides.

    I have 2, 5 meter long fibers that were originally part of a Coherent Laser Verdi. I want to cleave the ends of these and create a hybridized delivery fiber that preserves the original pump diode specification of an fc male connector , 800um core a NA of .22.

    I am having great difficulty with the fiber industry they either will not use my fibers or will not outsource the FC connectors many are just trying to drill communication connectors to oversize with no consideration of issues with throughput of 40 watt CW 808nm, and heating from losses in the epoxy binder and coupling losses.

    Most of these connectors are stainless steel and have very poor thermal characteristics.

    The few companies that do make suitable connectors in particular molex division polymicro do not seem to want to sell product not incorporated in to a finished jumper??

    A real pain in tha Ah posterior!

    Any of you physicist's with any ideas for me short of winning lottery or putting my project on hold for 12 wks lead time to have cables built, to pump a 20mm type 2 SHG would be greatly and humbly appreciated, i am technically inclined to a sufficient degree to be able to build my own cables with surplus items if i can just find the right connectors.
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