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Need to hide the drinking

  1. Feb 13, 2006 #1
    Ok, party at my friends on friday. I hardly ever stay out overnight at anyone's unless i've been drinking, but my friends parent don't know about/allow the drinking. The catch is, my friends parents talk to my parents, and if my parent know i'm staying over they'll think i'm drinking, and they'll tell my friends parents. That clearly is not a good thing.
    So, I need a good plausible excuse for my parents as to why i'm staying over at my friends if I'm "not drinking"

    feel free to make any insanely hilarious comments :rofl: :smile: but share your real ideas aswell plz :tongue2: :biggrin:
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    Just tell them you're in love with your friend and want to cosummate your friendship. I'm sure they'll understand.
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    Ahh, I'm quite versed in these situations, but I'll need some details first.

    Is this a one-time deal - as in, you're looking to be out this particular Friday, as opposed to you're looking for a long-range technique?

    Is the party at your friend's house on Friday being given because his parents aren't home (and thus saying you're at his house would get the kid in trouble) or is it simply that the booze is at the kid's house, so that's where you're drinking it, even though the parent's might be there?

    What age range are we talking about (but include or 21 in your answer, lest I'm aiding and abetting, lol)?

    Oh and, in theory, what time will you start drinking versus what time you have to give your parents an up-or-down decision on if you're gonna spend the night out?

    PS - Don't drink -- it's a depressant, kills brain cells, and you'll get busted. The best preparation is no match for the "genius improvising" that'll come about four beers into it.
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    jimmy p

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    So true!! Now in my country you have to be over 18. If you are, claim yourself a British citizen and then get leathered. You will be so hung over the next day that it won't matter if your parents talk to your friends parents.

    If they do so at a later date, get drunk before you come home to your parent's wrath.

    Or don't drink. You're only gonna pee it back out anyway.
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    You could say that you were going someplace the next morning that requires you to leave by 4am...so it just be easier to spend the night.
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    Do you have a curfew? Will your parents be asleep when you get home (if you were to come home)?

    What I do is I go out, have fun (but don't go overboard) then go home and silently slip into my room and go to bed...they never know the difference. Also I don't get hung over that much, so that's a plus.
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    Tell them your friend has a telescope and you want to discover the starry heavens together with him. That'll do it, I'm sure.
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    LOL I'm not too sure about the coming out of the closet approach :eek: :rofl: I'll give it some thought

    Ya I just need a one time excuse, not a long term solution.

    ok, so, his parents aren't going to be there and they know that he's having a few people over to "hang out" and "not drink" So if I stay over, my parents will know that we're drinking and then (most likely) inform his parents.

    Fortunately, you don't have to be 21 here Canada to drink.... thank god :tongue2:

    Hmm, i'm not too sure what we could possibly be doing the next day that would need us up early. And if we were, I'm sure my parents would want the intimate detail of our trip. Good idea though. 2 gold stars for Hypatia
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    ooooh, just noticed your in ontario. I'll see you at the party! haha...man, just go home really late when ur rents are asleep then say you stayed up late watching a movie or playing pool or poker or something.
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    just thought of something else...

    try reverse phsycology...:rolleyes:

    if your parents ask what your going to do at the party, just tell them "well don't expect me home because we're all going to get hammered." Add a joking smile and a little laugh at the end and your set. Trust me, works like a charm.
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    There's a big difference between your parents suspecting you'll be drinking and knowing you'll be drinking. Tell them you'll just be hanging out playing video games or going to do some midnight bowling and that you'll be home in the morning.

    He's right, it does!
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    ohhh ahhhhh I get gold stars!
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    Okay, here's a crazy idea...just tell your parents the truth. If they're cool about you going out drinking, and everyone who will be there is of legal age to do so, just tell them you might have a few drinks while there, so don't want to drive home, but his parents get weird about drinking, so just don't mention it to them. If you or your friend are underage, then you're on your own.
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    The truth. Moonbear, that's just crazy talk.
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    What about the next morning when you've got a hangover, leaves in your pockets, and the Greek national anthem Sharpied on your forehead? Will your parents suspect anything?

    I don't know any parent that would be okay with their child going somewhere to go drink. And for good reason.

    I hope this guy doesn't come back and say he lost his left arm in a car accident on the way home.
  17. Feb 13, 2006 #16
    "What about the next morning when you've got a hangover, leaves in your pockets, and the Greek national anthem Sharpied on your forehead? Will your parents suspect anything?

    I don't know any parent that would be okay with their child going somewhere to go drink. And for good reason.

    I hope this guy doesn't come back and say he lost his left arm in a car accident on the way home."

    Wow, that's awesome. Except for the hurting yourself thing. Under no circumstances drink and drive or get in the car with anyone who has been drinking. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Period.

    Here are my suggestions:

    First, you could try saying you're going to go see a movie that starts late - like 10 or later. But you'll need a reason why u didnt go to an earlier showing - so you'll have to "do" something before hand (and sitting at a house wont work, else why did u put off seeing the movie till late?). So you'll have to do something, go to a sports game, out to eat with some girls ur parents don't know - something believable. Then go to see a movie starting late so that it's more logical for you to stay out than go home.

    Also, I think it works best if you do several other window dressing things as well. First, let it be known to ur family throughout the week that ur interested in seeing a particular movie. Second, on that night, check in and do everything by the book. (This also means doing it before u get hammered). Actually if you're parents are skiddish, the girl thing might not be a good call, simply because they'd be worrying about that. Be inconspicuous.

    But, mainly, you're screwed.

    If you're parents have even a passing relationship with the other family, chances are it's gonna get mentioned sooner or later - and that can be problematic (unless you're around this kid so much that either mom doesn't know one "so I hear bobby had fun at ur little stevie's house" reference from another).

    Second, I dont know what things are like in Canada, but when I was in high school, parties got busted a lot. If that happens, and the parents arent home, the kid gets screwed over (sometimes even hauled in). Either way, his parents find out, and all this means whether u want to or not, it's unlikely you'll be able to spend the night over there anyway.

    Oh - wait - I've just remembered this little trick. Do everything I told you in the first graf, BUT say you're doing it all with a different, third friend (and not the dude who's parents are away). If you can, don't even mention that other kid. That way, the partier's mom and ur mom might not mention it unless he gets busted.

    But again this is a complex manuever not to be practiced by the amateur or faint of heart.

    If there's any way to "bend" the truth, that's probably your best bet. But remember, sometimes sh*t hits the fan and its necessary to get the parents involved (like if some kid drinks too much and gets alcohol poisoning). In these situations, you simply MUST nut up and get the folks involved, no buts about it.

    When I went to prom, my date through no fault of my own got alcohol poisoning. She had gotten to the house where we were all staying with her girlfriends before the rest of us got there and proceeded to slam way too many jello shots way too quickly. Fortunately, I was sober and responsible enough to make a tough but right decision to call her dad. I knew it looked really bad on my part, even though I honestly had nothing to do with the thing, but I also didn't have the know-how to deal with the thing on my own. And when her dad arrived, he was actually not upset with me at all - (the fact that, unlike most there, I was still able to speak a sentence probably had a lot to do with it.) So anyway, if things go haywire, call the folks.

    And this conversation never happened.

    (Note from my lawyers - And, if you are underage, do not drink and in writing these posts I think we're all presuming you're of age.)
  18. Feb 13, 2006 #17
    Or just say you're going out to do LSD and shoot rifles and there's nothing they can do to stop you. That way, when they find out you've just been drinking, they won't be as mad.
  19. Feb 14, 2006 #18

    This I like. note to self.
  20. Feb 14, 2006 #19


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    I agree with Moonbear, and I, being a parent, would add, don't do anything for which you would have to hide it from your parents. :smile:
  21. Feb 14, 2006 #20
    hmm, ok. here's what i'm thinking, I'll try my darndest to not have to drive myself there, then I'll get a ride home with someone at like 4am or something, and if I don't get a ride cause i can't or we're all hammered, i'll just say. "well, I didn't have my car, so I wasn't gonna walk home at 4am". ya, this'll work nicely, and if my parent ask why I couldn't get a ride, i'll say that my friend that came to pick me up went to get his girlfriend but never came back, so i was stuck there.

    Ok, thanks for the ideas all. 3 gold stars for jhe1984 for that really long post. and one silver star for moonbear cause ever though it wasn't helpful she said the "right" thing to do :P
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