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Need to know

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    friends i have a derivation which proves that Einstein's Energy mass relation is wrong. I know as far as my knowledge is concerned its true, but want to disclose the thing in front of the world without lossing the credit. Can any one tell me how this can be done .........will soon disclose the alternate proof of Einsteins energy mass relation
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    Doc Al

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    I'll alert the media. :rolleyes:
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    First you say:
    Then contradictorily you say:
    You cannot prove anything unless you first learn logic.
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    Don't mind them, it's probably that they've heard it many times before from many people. You said you're pretty sure the work you did. So why need someone to check? I say just disclose it to the world! But if you really want other to check it out for you, you can bring it to any University near you and meet the professors there have them take a look at your paper. I've done that many times with my homework.
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    This isnt homework. This is 100 years of physics.
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    Don't forget to note the assumptions too. Certainly E=mc^2 is wrong in certain conditions. Not just because that it using a rounding of boolean equations but because it assumes the the particles to be massless.

    We end up using, E^2 = (pc)^2+(mc^2)^2
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    Surely you mean that [itex]E=mc^2[/itex] assumes the particles are at rest... The rest is correct (Photons obey [itex]E=pc[/itex] as the [itex]m^2c^4[/itex] term is equal to zero).
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    To prove that E=mc² is wrong u need a valid proof, more than any equation...

    If u can tell that the fusion happenning in the sun making it shine doesn't rely on such an equation than u cna wrote another one based on ur new assumptions...

    If u can say that nuclear fissions, nuclear bombs, hydrogen bomb aren't applications for it, than u can easily prove it wrong...

    When Einstein made that up, probably he didn't forsee many things that were the result of hsi work, but he was thinking why...He had some image in his mind, Einstein wasn't very good at formulating stuff, and there was the time he needed mathematical help...

    So why do u wanna prove such a beautifull equation wrong??
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    Yeah, Einstein wasn't very smart at all :rolleyes:
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